Once abandoned but now ready to fly

Mr T was abandoned in a hospital directly after his birth. Now at age eighteen and with a world of potential at the tips of his fingers, he needs YOUR help.

Your company can help Mr T and others like him and earn valuable B-BBEE points in the process. The B-BBEE scorecard gives two options to help Mr T.  A social-economic development donation or a company’s Skills Development budget can ensure that Mr T can embrace the future he deserves. Now that he has passed Matric with four distinctions and will be studying towards a BCom Law qualification at the University of Pretoria, we know more or less how his future will turn out.

Who cares for an abandoned child? 

*** DONORS, who provide resources;

*** The Department of Social Development – up to age eighteen;

*** People dedicated to this task

Who cares for the cut on the knee, tears of longing to belong, celebration when you receive your academic blazer for being one of the best in an excellent school?

Who will take you further and who will help to keep your feet solidly on the ground, to become a responsible adult, to the benefit of you and of South Africa ….


***and People dedicated to Mr T.

For the past nine years Mr T has been a STAR! He worked really hard to be that star. However, Mr T’s life is really only starting now …With a Bcom Law course at the University of Pretoria.

He dreams about:

  • Starting university on 6 March – he was accepted at three universities …
  • To have good quality shoes for casual wear and sport shoes (size 9/10).
  • A Laptop of his own, as he had to do matric on the campus manager’s laptop and that privilege will soon not be there anymore. ITC is indispensable in the new order of things.

Social Economic Development donations make dreams come true.

With the help that YOU can offer him, Mr T will never be abandoned again.

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