Musi lost 10 years of life as a child

Musi was subjected to losses and abuse from a very young age. At age 17 and with a maximum of two years left to prepare him for an independent adult life, he needs YOUR help now! There is no time to lose!

He has no family to go back to in the future. But YOUR SED contribution can make sure he gets urgent help to ensure that he can live a productive, fulfilling and independent life and be an asset to society and the economy.

Musi lost both his parents in 2006 and 2007 respectively. That was followed by several failed foster placements until he found a home at AKB in 2017.  The lack of educational stimulation and school attendance caused him a huge disadvantage.  Musi now attends a school for children with special needs. He loves it, but it will not prepare him for an independent adult life.

His Social Worker speaks about him with pride as she describes what an incredibly talented young man Musi is. This shy boy has a soft heart and assists learners at school with free haircuts. The school offered to pay him but he declined payment saying: “this is my way of giving back and helping those who cannot afford it.”

Musi needs urgent help! He needs a knowledgeable and experienced environment where he can develop his specific skills.

For example:

  • Formal training in Woodwork, Mosaic, Sewing or Painting
  • Short courses on how to start a business and manage his finances
  • Access to machinery and equipment such as woodwork and sewing tools and art supplies e.g. canvases, paint, paint brushes, wood etc.

Musi is multi-talented and creative. He has potential to support himself by working with his hands in a creative environment.

Your SED contribution will assist this deserving young man to prepare for a future where he can support himself by making beautiful things. And it will support all the work of Abraham Kriel Bambanani to develop young people like Musi.

This is one of Musi’s most recent works of art.

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