Fostering South Africa

Fostering a Child in South Africa

Approximately 34% of the South African population are under the age of 18 (totalling almost 20 million children). Six out of ten of these children are estimated to be multi-dimensionally poor according to UNICEF. This makes it clear that there is a real need to provide much-needed support to children in need in this country. There are a number of ways to get involved and help provide this support through a non-profit organisation like Abraham Kriel Bambanani (browse the website for more details on how to get involved). One we often get asked about, is fostering children in South Africa.

The impact of fostering a child in South Africa

Support through fostering can change the life of children in need in South Africa profoundly. Family is an integral to our culture and the safest structure for a child to grow up in, regardless of our background. Children need regular meals, security, love, and supervision. Providing holistic care for a child encompasses all of these things. By matching a child with the right, caring foster family, the child can experience all of these things. The security, as well as the example of a healthy family structure, can only be provided in an environment created out of genuine care.

The role of Abraham Kriel Bambanani in fostering children in South Africa

As a place of safety, some children are placed in our care by designated social workers from welfare or adoption agencies. These are temporary placements and there are no court orders committing the children into the care of AKB. Babies, for the most part will fall into this group, as it is very important for them to find loving families.

Adoption agencies and welfare organisations independent of Abraham Kriel Bambanani have the responsibility to manage placements for specific children in our care. They handle the adoption and foster care processes and select and recommend where the children are placed.

To find out more about fostering a child in South Africa or to enquire with a social worker, you can contact Abraham Kriel Bambanani. We can assist you with more detailed information and resources, or discuss other ways in which you can get involved in supporting children in need.

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