Children’s Charity

Our Children’s Charity Is Aimed at Creating Healthy, Balanced Futures

While we live in a country with unbridled potential to excel on the world stage, our communities are still riddled with poverty and extreme inequality. Unless we address the developmental issues of our youth, this scenario will simply snowball and continue to affect generation after generation, robbing young people of the bright futures they can and should have. The truth is, supporting children’s charity initiatives benefits both young people who are affected by the scourge of poverty, as well as the community and the country as a whole, as we build an empowered generation of people who can lead us to greater heights.

Given the current circumstances in South Africa, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous options when looking for a worthy children’s charity to support. So, which one do you choose? How do you know which organisation will do the best work or have the biggest impact? To be completely honest, there is no single correct answer to this question. There are many organisations that all do wonderful work to support our youth, and all of them are necessary to address the huge challenges we face.

What we can tell you, is what our children’s charity – Abraham Kriel Bambanani – does to support the youth in need, and how we provide them with a platform to build a better future.

Our history stretches back 120 years when ​​Rev. Abraham Kriel established a safe haven in Langlaagte for children who were orphaned during the South African war. Today, we still offer a safe haven to orphaned and abandoned children in need, but we also provide so much more.

Our children’s charity organisation has grown to include:

  • Residential care for traumatised, molested, abandoned, neglected and orphaned children committed into our care by the Children’s Court
  • A home-based care programme for children affected by HIV/Aids, which currently takes care of over 550 children
  • Specialised care for children affected by trauma – this includes victims of crime, victims of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, children affected by severe poverty and malnutrition, abandoned children, and more
  • Early childhood development programmes to help children develop the necessary skills to match the abilities of their peers
  • Skills development for older children to help prepare them for the job market when they are old enough, so that they can build a sustainable and successful future

If you want to make a difference, please support a children’s charity like ours. Contact Abraham Kriel Bambanani to find out how you can get involved.

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