Child Support

Child Support Initiatives Are Essential to a Better Future for All South Africans

It is often said that children are the future. This is not only because they are the adults of tomorrow. It is because their ideas build on the society we have today. They are responsible for taking humanity forward, for leading progress, for imaging a better tomorrow for all of us. But how can they do this when every day is a struggle for survival, and thriving is not even a question? This is why investing in child support initiatives is an investment in the future for all of us.

Inequality is a major social issue in South Africa – one that will plague us for years to come. It requires a determined effort to tackle this, and child support sits at the centre of this effort.

Looking at the statistics, more than 62% of children in South Africa – that is almost two thirds – live in poverty or low-income situations. This is according to a report titled “Children’s education and well-being in South Africa, 2018”, released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). Furthermore, the 2018 SA Child Gauge report estimates that almost 7 million children are living below the poverty line. With figures like this, the need for support is clear.

As many of us know, the COVID-19 pandemic has simply compounded the challenges faced by society, especially the plight of the poor. This further increases the desperate need for child support across the board.

While the government is doing what they can – more than 68% of children between the ages of 0 and 17 were receiving the child support grant in 2018 – this is not enough to alleviate the strain on the youth. As the well-known African proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child. This is why the people of Abraham Kriel Bambanani work tirelessly to provide much needed support where necessary.

We have numerous residential homes and community programmes operating across Johannesburg, which care for the most vulnerable children and youth. Our Residential Care model provides holistic care to traumatised, molested, abandoned, neglected and orphaned children, while our community care programmes take care of over 500 children affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition, we also run two educational programmes to help children to complete their education and reach their full potential on their way to a better future.

To find out how you can help us support a child, contact the team at Abraham Kriel Bambanani. There are numerous ways to get involved, and every bit of support is appreciated.



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